This week Finland will Inaugurating Angry Bird Park opened

Finland - a hot-tempered bird flu attack, which started from the application in tablets and smart phones, has now become an international brand. Angry Bird, the game is to destroy the house-made pork Rovio, it has been downloaded about 700 million times.

Rovio can not just sip a profit from the download. But there is merchandise, advertising, and is now a playground that is ready to operate in Finland. Why Finland? Because this country is the country of origin developer birds of ill-tempered game, Rovio Mobile.

An extraordinary story of a trio of "Geek" who had been on the brink of bankruptcy. Until finally Mikael Hed, Niklas Hed, and Peter Vesterbacka launch Angry Bird in the Apple Application Store in December 2009. Just three years and now the birds were carrying the colors they are flying into financial glory.

Rovio making Android-based applications that only with an initial capital of about USD 1.18 billion (80 thousand pounds sterling). But now, the company is worth (Rp 11.09 trillion), a fantastic value for three years. Even British Prime Minister David Cameron is one of the biggest fans of Angry Birds.

Vesterbacka, 42, admitted that it took to find the right formula Angry Bird. But, once met, he realized that Angry Bird special. "Angry Bird-52 is a game to us. Every time a new game, Niklas has always showed to his mother," said Vesterbacka.

Typically, he continued, Niklas mother always went. When proffered Angry Bird, the response is different. "Mother Angry Bird Niklas played all day Christmas, it is a good indicator because he never played a game in the gadget," said Vesterbacka.

Vesterbacka Steve Job has earned the nickname of his world applications, especially with the ambition to establish a park Angry Birds. "We want the park Angry Birds in cities all over the world, so you can walk and bike with ease in it," he said.

Angry Birds popularity is incredible. Now its products are present in the 10 million toys, notebooks, places to eat, blankets, bedspreads, and clothes. November 2011, the official Angry Birds store has opened in Helsinki, Finland.

In 2012, Angry Birds planned to appear in 52 episodes of the television. Not only a glass screen, the angry birds impatiently appear on the silver screen. Rovio has been holding studio Marvel's former boss, David Maisel, to produce films that green pig shooters.
The latest series Angry Birds, the Angry Birds Space, which was recently launched last March, has now been downloaded 50 million times.

Angry Birds Fact:
- Cost of production of 80 thousand pounds sterling,
- To-52 games produced Rovio,
- Downloaded 700 million times since its launch in 2009, and
- Ready to broadcast 52 episodes for television in 2012.