Determining Learning Way of Life For The Future

Towards the end of the exam, or even when just up grade 12, usually people ask: "What are going tuition where?" The question seems very simple. But for some reason, it is difficult to answer.
Like the story of "Alice In Wonderland" at the top, if we do not know the purpose of our lives, now and only realized the life we ​​have is not the life we ​​so unfocused. We might wake up 10 years from now and realize Bary, the life we ​​have is not the life we ​​want. What we know, so what about 5 years from now? 10 years from now? Therefore, it is important for a person to determine her destiny. Do not wake up 10 years from now and just realized, instead of living like this we want to live.

We may have Accumulated Achievements in many areas but if we do not have a clear purpose in life, our life will be like a broken kite is not clear about where.

The Survey Shows, Many Failures Occur Due to the Following Matters:
  • Not everyone knows his purpose in life.
  • Not everyone knows to be done in achieving the goal of his life.
  • Not everyone has the measure of success.
By knowing the purpose of life, the benefits we can take is the following:
  1. Help make Decisions - With no final destination, ktia tend to follow the flow / under it to someone else, even though we do not like their choices. Though the current path we choose will have a big impact in my life.
  2. Strengthen Motivation - Way of life no matter what we choose would require sacrifice. Anything as perfect a condition, there must be good and not good. Has the ultimate goal to help us through many difficult times and feel confident to achieve what is really desired.
How to Determine the End
The trick is simple. Thoughtful, find a place where we can be alone without being disturbed, away from the pile of books and assignments, computer games and jokes from friends. Ask yourself a few questions, to the depths of the most in your day.
  • What are the potential I have?
  • What would make me really happy? (Eternal Happiness, Not for a moment)
  • What I do not want in life?
  • What are the principles that are fundamental to me?
  • I want to be like?
  • What should I do at this duinia?
If These Fundamental Questions can be answered, then we have had enough capital to make the vision.
After having a vision statement, the next question is how to make it happen?
Obviously we do not want to just have beautiful words as a slogan is not it?

To Achieve this Vision, do the Following things:
  1. Calculate the Sacrifice - For example, we want to speak fluent English, then the sacrifices we have to follow the lessons three times a week. Ask yourself whether we are willing to make sacrifices?
  2. Write - Write down specifically what steps are necessary to achieve that vision salts. If we do not write it down then we will most likely forget about it. If necessary we have to create it and paste it in every corner of our room so we will always remember the things we should do.
  3. Implement - No matter how good the plan will be useless if not implemented. Take short-term steps that we wrote earlier. Do not indulge too much.
  4. Evaluation - Periodically, review the implementation of measures that we do. Whether the development was as expected? Is it still realistic? Do we have less interest?
  5. Log In Enabling Environments - We will be more kaut if we are in environments that are conducive to achieve their goals. For example, our short-term vision is to reach a value of 9, then we will be more easy to achieve if we are in the environment of people who want the same thing.
Has the Ultimate Goal can help us pass a Variety of Difficult Conditions because he felt sure the Sacrifice is worth it.