Understanding the Dutch Education System

Research shows that those who had studied at a Dutch institution of higher education have a very good performance wherever they are. For a small country like the Netherlands, international orientation, including education and training is a must to be able to survive in an increasingly international world currents.

The Netherlands is the country's first non-English speaking offering courses in English. More than 1400 international study programs for a variety of fields offered by Dutch higher education. Intensive curriculum at a higher level, more advanced, practice-oriented and designed to meet the needs and expectations of students seeking specialized knowledge. The courses alternate theory with practice in real or simulated work situations. Most of the courses are designed to obtain a bachelor's degree (S1), master, PhD degree, diploma or certificate.

In the Netherlands there are two types of regular higher education are the main: universities and the University of Applied Sciences. University to train its students to use their knowledge independently. University of Applied Sciences, which in the Netherlands known as the Hogeschool, more oriented to the practice; the students directly for specific careers in their fields. The Netherlands also has the Institute of International Education that the institution has been offering programs specifically designed for foreign students.