Recognizing the Institute of Culinary Education in Hyde Park, New York.

Hyde Park Central School District
The Hyde Park Central School District provides K-12 public education for the town of Hyde Park and parts of the city of Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck, Clinton and Pleasant Valley. He has seven schools, three of which were built in the Hyde Park Central School District with a grant from the Public Works Administration (PWA) the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt: the original Haviland Middle School is dedicated to Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School, but later changed its name in the construction of the new high school building, Hyde Park Elementary School and the School of Violet Street Primary. The total cost of construction of three historic buildings is $ 1,300,000 with a $ 585,000 grant from the PWA. Construction began in December 1938 and was completed in December 1939. The three buildings are still working in district schools.

Haviland Middle School
(Before School Franklin Delano Roosevelt)
Haviland Middle School - Photo courtesy of H. sweet
Originally called the "Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School", the building was renamed "Haviland Middle School" in 1966, when a new High School building was built in South Cross Street. Benjamin Haviland is the farmer who originally owned the land the school was built.

Hyde Park Elementary School
Since completing in 1939, Hyde Park Elementary School has had three additions. In 1955, six classrooms were added in 1963, plus a fitness room, library and art. The latest addition in 1990, when a wing was added BOCES.

Violet Street Primary School
Violet Road, the name of a flower shop grows a wagon steamed a lot of purple flowers and purple for shipment to New York.

Culinary Institute of America
Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park campus opened in 1970 at the site of a former Jesuit seminary.